Clinical Team Members

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Tony Parmenter

Founder & Clinical Director

Uniformed service connection: USAF Vet, OEF

Modality: Online/telehealth, in-person, and in nature.

Serving: Iowa, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, California,  Massachusetts, Maine, international.

Special interests: Complex PTSD, Developmental Trauma, addiction issues which co-occur with trauma, recovery from religious trauma, first responders & military veteran mental health, professionals, artists, expatriates and others with significant cross-cultural identities/experiences, biracial individuals and family members.

Dan Pierce

Counselor & Integration Coach

Uniformed service connection: Former EMT

Modality: Online/telehealth and in nature.

Offerings: Psychedelic Integration coaching sessions and groups. Training support.

Special interests: Veterans and first responders, rural health, sound healing, career guidance, life coaching.

* Please note: Integration Coaches listed in this directory are not direct employees of Seiyu Institute for Health & Training, L3C; DBA Counseling Without Walls (CWW). Each contracted Integration Coach manages their own practice as well as the the status of their availability. You will need to contact them directly via the information provided in their profile listing. Although billing and documentation are centralized for CWW clients, and contracted clinical supervision is offered to Integration Coaches, Seiyu Institute for Health & Training, L3C and it's staff do not warrant or otherwise assume responsibility for the clinical services provided by the Clinical Associates, nor their competency to provide such services beyond the qualifications for which they have obtained.