Standard Psychotherapy

Sessions are 53-minutes in length. This is the traditional way in which psychotherapy is done. Schedule an appointment with one of our therapists to work together on a plan for enhancing the quality of your life. Each CWW therapist is trained as a generalist first, with advanced training as trauma specialists. Whatever your goal, psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to help you (re)connect to a life of meaning, vitality, and as your most healthy self.
Meet the Clinical Team and begin to explore who might be the right fit for you.

Group Psychotherapy

Sometimes extra support is helpful, even if you are in regular counseling or psychotherapy for yourself. CWW confidential groups can be thought of as "classes with confidentiality, and only fun homework", and can be time-limited or ongoing depending on their topic. Many of our groups are nervous system focused, and do not require talking to other people.
CWW pays special attention to the needs of our clients and crafts our groups so that they are relevant to the issues that they are facing - meaning that they then might be useful for many others others.
Contact us for current group offerings.