Standard Psychotherapy

Sessions are 53-minutes in length. This is the traditional way in which psychotherapy is done. Schedule an appointment with one of our therapists to work together on a plan for enhancing the quality of your life. Each CWW therapist is trained as a generalist first, with advanced training as trauma specialists. Whatever your goal, psychotherapy can be a powerful tool to help you (re)connect to a life of meaning, vitality, and as your most healthy self.
Meet the Clinical Team and begin to explore who might be the right fit for you.

Brief Supportive Psychotherapy (BSP)

Sometimes short term support is helpful, even if you are in regular counseling or psychotherapy already. You may just need a listening ear, someone to help manage anxiety in the moment, or have another need that would be better met by a short conversation today rather than waiting for your next therapy appointment.
  If so, Brief Supportive Psychotherapy (BSP) may be for you. Sessions happen within 30 minutes, are over the phone, and are not planned in advance (requested/initiated on the same day). During a BSP session, your therapist will focus on your immediate needs from a solution-focused and skill's based perspective. You may leave the session feeling calmer, with a new plan or idea, a new wellness skill to practice and use, or maybe just feeling better than when you picked up the phone. 
BSP is available for all active, former, and wait list clients in good standing. If you are not a CWW client and interested in using this benefit, contact Tony Parmenter at