Intensive Therapy

Deep healing for trauma, now.

In the words of one client following a psychotherapy intensive:
"I have been suffering from these (traumas) for my whole life - in talk therapy for 15 years. Now it's as if they no longer matter. I am feeling free for the first time in my adult life."
What are intensives?
When we say "intensive", we either mean "longer sessions" - or a number of hours at once.
Intensives work better, in part by giving you more time to heal rather than spending valuable time checking in and closing the session every 45-50 minutes (the traditional/standard model of psychotherapy). Additionally, a growing body of research supports intensive psychotherapy, with evidence-based practices, as an effective way to treat and heal wounds caused by Complex & Developmental Trauma.
Most people seeking therapy have suffered from their wounds for a very long time - sometimes their entire lives. With that in mind, we developed an approach that helps to heal your trauma sooner so that you can live life as it happens, rather than waiting for it to happen, connecting most to what gives you meaning and joy.
Intensive formats
Available online, in-person, and in nature
Half day: one three-hour block on a single day
Whole day: two three-hour blocks in one day, with a two-hour break
Multi-day: one-hour sessions on subsequent days
At Counseling Without Walls, we take an integrative and flexible approach to healing whenever possible. Trauma healing can happy very fast once the body knows that it is safe. However, the traditional psychotherapy model can stretch this out for months and even years if done in the weekly/hourly formal. Most people have important lives to live that matter right now.
Intensives at CWW are able to include Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (aka Standard EMDR) & Attachment-Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR), body-based/somatic therapies, inner child work (Comprehensive Resource ModelEgo State Therapy), nervous system therapies (Safe & Sound ProtocolHeartMath), biofeedback, nature-based therapy (eg: Therapeutic Fly-fishing with EMDR), and more.
As a program of Seiyu Institute for Health & Training, CWW has facilitated thousands of hours of psychotherapy for all things that may result from trauma (including anxiety, phobias, work and school performance, chronic pain, sustaining recovery from addiction, and more).