Private pay levels for mental health services

These levels are the hourly rates as based on the average cost of a Certified EMDR Therapist/Consultant in your local area.

Level A: $336 | Level B: $280  | Level C: $224  | Level D: $168 

Private pay discounts & scholarships

All clients can receive one clinical hour for free by pre-paying for five hours in advance (6 total).

First responders, military, and frontline healthcare professionals (current or veteran) receive an automatic scholarship of 25% off their determined private pay level.

For questions about these policies, please contact Tony Parmenter here.

Psychotherapy Services

Health insurance

Seiyu IHT/CWW is in-network with
  • BCBS Vermont
For other insurance companies:
  • Out-of-Network reimbursement: clients pay the fee for service rate for services and receive a receipt to submit to their insurance provider for personal reimbursement according to their own policy.
  • 30-minute intake screening consultations are billed to health insurance as CPT code 90791.

Private pay

Individuals paying privately for services, without seeking a receipt for insurance reimbursement, are offered rates on levels as noted above. The full rate for a 53 minute session, without other services or adjustments applied, is $336 per hour.

Safe & Sound Protocol

Insurance reimbursement may be possible, but is not guaranteed. 
The following rates reflect use of the SSP as a stand-alone/private pay intervention, without integration into a psychotherapy treatment modality.
  • $559 - 50-minute Intake or consultation session plus 5 hours of therapeutic listening.
  • $390 - each additional 5 hour set without consultation session.
  • $336 - 50-minute SSP consultation (without listening hours)
  • $25 - optional monthly maintenance subscription, listening only, non-proratable.

Professional Consultation

EMDRIA approved EMDR Consultation

Facilitated by Tony Parmenter
  • Two people, individual @ 60 minutes - $80 per person.
  • Three people, individual @ 90 minutes - $85 per person
  • Individual (advanced protocols) @ 60 minutes - $150
  • Individual (standard protocol) @ 60 minutes - discounted to $100

Other professional consultation & training

  • One person @ 60 minutes - $336
  • Two - five people @ 60 minutes - $400
  • Five - ten people @ 60 minutes - $450
  • Ten or more people @ 60 minutes - $500

Missed appointment/late cancelation policy

Two business days are required to cancel a one-hour appointment. Two weeks are required to cancel any appointment longer than 60 minutes. All late or missed appointments, except in cases of environmental or medical emergency, are charged through Stripe using the authorized billing method at the full rate of the services scheduled. Discounts may be applied at the discretion of the clinical director. For questions about this policy, please contact Tony Parmenter here.